6: Brett Brooks | Learning How to Program for Voice-First from Scratch

Episode Description

Brett Brooks is the Chief Technology Officer for RedFox AI (formerly RedFox Creative). Since January of 2019 Brett has been working with RedFox AI to develop custom Alexa Skills and Google Actions for brands. Nick and Brett have been good friends for nearly a decade. Brett started working with Nick back in December of 2017 and was Nick’s first business partner in what is now RedFox AI. In this week’s episode, Nick sits down with Brett Brooks to talk about what it’s like to learn Voice-First programming from scratch. Brett talks about he learned to program in JavaScript and Node.JS for Alexa and Google Assistant with no relevant background in computer science or software development. Brett shares his insight on how anyone can begin learning to program and create custom apps for voice assistants using resources like YouTube, Stackflow, GitHub, and even basic Google search. Nick and Brett also dive into what it was like to create a custom Alexa Skill for a large event and what they learned (and how they failed) from the experience. How to contact Brett: Email: brettb@redfoxcreate.com

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