14: Noelle LaCharite | A Journey Into Tech, AI, Voice, Diversity, and Ethics

Episode Description

Noelle LaCharite is currently a Principal Project Manager for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence. She is passionate about Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony, and empowering people to reach their potential through technology. She also specializes in helping brands develop AI and Voice Strategy through the AI Leadership Institute which she founded. She has spent many years as a trainer, architect, and evangelist for IBM, RedHat, EMC, Amazon, and now Microsoft. She has taught thousands of people the value and important of Conversational AI, voice technology, Democratizing AI, and mindful leadership having delivered keynotes and hosting workshops at conferences and events around the world. She was recently named as the #3 Top Influencer in Voice by Voicebot.ai. In this week’s episode of The Artificial Podcast Nick returns from his trip to Australia to share his interview with Noelle LaCharite! If it has to do with tech Nick and Noelle talk about it in this episode. Noelle shares her journey and experiences as a woman in tech and provides some tips on how anyone can get involved in the tech space if they truly want to. Noelle also talks about AI and Voice diving into her experiences at IBM, being a part of the original Alexa team at Amazon, and her various roles at Microsoft working in Applied AI and with Cortana. To close, Nick and Noelle talk about diversity and ethics in AI and why they are so important in the fight to keep the technology free from unconscious bias.

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