46: Sarah Andrew Wilson | The Science of Creating A Hit Voice App

Episode Description

Sarah Andrew Wilson is the Chief Content Officer at Matchbox.io, the award-winning brand behind some of the most popular voice apps on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. Matchbox.io’s suite of voice apps that include Question of the Day, Find My Phone, Kids Quiz, and Guess My Name. As CCO of Matchbox.io, Sarah oversees content strategy, UX design, and communications creating delightful voice-first experiences for millions of users of all ages in more than eight countries and multiple world languages. Prior to Matchbox.io, Sarah spent more than 20 years in the music industry working with internationally renowned performing artists and educators. This year, Matchbox.io was honored at the Project Voice Awards in Chattanooga, TN being named Voice Developer of the Year, Amazon Alexa Developer of the Year, Gaming Voice Experience of the Year for Question of the Day, and as Gaming Voice Developer of the Year. In January of this year, Amazon named Sarah an Alexa Champion. In this week’s episode of The Artificial Podcast, Nick chats with Sarah Andrew Wilson of Matchbox.io about the science behind developing a hit voice app. Matchbox.io is one of the most well known and respected voice app development companies creating some of the most popular voice apps on the market today for Amazon Alexa. Sarah talks about her journey from working in the music industry and how her prior experience in music has helped her to succeed in her role as CCO for Matchbox.io. Sarah shares the story behind Matchbox.io’s most popular voice app, Question of The Day, and how it has gone on to impact millions of users around the world. Sarah also talks about the core design philosophy behind every single Matchbox.io voice app and the outcomes that she and her team are always working to achieve.

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