88: Jason Mars | Conversational AI In a Nutshell: WHY It Doesn't Need to Be Stagnant

Ben is the Co-Founder and CMO of ART AI, a startup that develops unique technology for producing art using Artificial Intelligence. Ben and ART AI are aiming to democratize the original art market by implementing the technology that underlies machine creativity. Ben’s experience as a VP managing large international operations that deal with eCommerce in the financial education sector, and his fascination with art and technology, was what drove him to co-found ART AI.

In this week’s episode, Nick chats with ben Kovalis of Art.AI about how his company uses Artificial Intelligence to create unique works of art within seconds. Ben shares the story of Art.AI and how he and his CEO were inspired to create AI-generated artwork at scale after witnessing an AI art piece sell for $400,000. Nick and Ben talk about the AI technology that allows Art.AI to create unique works of art, and Ben reveals the launch of Art.AI’s new NFT platform that allows anyone to create and sell unique works of AI-generated art that they create. Nick and Ben also discuss the future of art and how AI will play a large role.

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